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No CLP? No Problem!
Habla solo español? Nuestro programa es completamente bilingüe al igual que nuestros instructores!



Easy to understand admission requirements:

  1. Be 18 years old or older;

  2. Have a valid Texas Class C License;

  3. Have a Social Security card, Birth Certificate, or Passport;

  4. Pass the DOT Physical Exam which costs less than $140; and

  5. Obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP).

  • A student may be permitted to commence our programs without a CLP but will be subject to our CLP lesson of 25 hours and the permitting before moving onto the respective class on each individual program.


Individuals who obtain a CLP before February 7, 2022, are not subject to the new ELDT regulations, so long as they obtain a CDL or endorsement before their CLP (or renewed CLP) expires.


Individuals who obtain a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) on or after February 7, 2022, will be required to meet the ELDT requirements.


Your Gateway to Learning is EASY!

Come to our offices and will guide you through the admission process. Just one, free-of-charge interview with our instructor and you will be on the road to obtaining your CDL.

You can come with or without CLP and we will guide you and provide you the tools you need to approve the CDL!

Truck Washing

The process of obtaining a CDL in the State of Texas


  • Proof of a current Department of Transportation Medical Card or

  • Pass a DOT physical exam (Texas DPS CDL-4, CDL-5, or CDL-10) from an approved lab

  • Costs vary from $40-160


Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP) theoretical exams which you can you on your own or CDL Emeral can training you. The exams comprise of 4 parts:

  • Special Texas Requirements

  • General Knowledge

  • Combination Vehicles (not applicable to Class B)

  • Air Brakes

The exam costs $25 and you can take each part up to 3 times before having to pay another $25.

The CLP expires within 6 months but can be extended for an additional 3 months.


Pre-trip training inspection can begin 14 days after passing the last exam.


Pre-trip inspection comprises of knowing all the principal components of the vehicle as well as being able to perform a physical inspection of the vehicle, including the vehicle's cabin.

Of importance is performing the air brakes verification in the correct order as not doing so in the correct order will cause you to fail the exam.


Therefore, 14 days is typically not enough time to prepare for the pre-trip inspection.

Failing pre-trip inspection does not let you move onto the next step.


This is the last phase and comprises of behind-the-wheel range and road tests.

Here, if you succesfully pass the range tests, then you go on the road with a DPS Inspector who will examine your driving skills.

Successfully completing the road test gives you access to a CDL.

Graduates Holding Diplomas

Don’t flunk CDL — let Emerald prepare you! 

Although all of this sounds like a lot of difficult work, the program that we developed would get you in the fastest and simplest way to get complaint with ELDT. Our programs in a Nutshell:

  • Allow you to come with or without the CLP and leave with the CDL if you meet the requirements;

  • Meet the ELDT mandatory theory requirements on all 30+ core curriculum areas.

  • Save time and money with computer aided theory training.

  • Use Group Training mode to lead in-class discussions on curriculum areas.

  • Automatically administer tests and send student completion data to DOT’s Training Provider Registry (TPR).


After you stop by our School and discuss your training needs with our instructor, you are provided, by accessing the link below, a copy of our Catalog will provide answers to most of the questions you may have about

Emerald’s policies and procedures. Additional detailed information may be available from other team members and for any questions, please always reach out to us directly. Call us today or enroll in order to access our catalog!

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